The Day After…


The Day After

The Day After


First off, let me welcome you to the first ever post on Soccer Spieler. I don’t know where this will take me and I don’t really care. Just as long as you read my stuff I’ll be happy. Let the show begin… 

 You wake up the next day with the thought of being out of the World Cup. It’s a mixture of disbelief, remorse, and nostalgia. Before Ghana I would’ve thought that the World Cup went “well” for the USA and I would’ve been okay with losing to a team better than us. But I wouldn’t consider Ghana as such … even though it was us who wero ousted — and losing to an inferior team was why this loss was that much more disappointing.   

So from here we forget about what could’ve been (…a potential run to the semi-finals and a third place finish) and look forward. Where will we be 4 years from now? Landon Donovan’s receding hairline will probably move back another inch, ultimately causing him to be less of an impact player; maybe even demoted to the bench. Timmy Howard, at the oldish age of 35, will be trying to fend off younger prospects from taking his role. Clint Dempsey’s eyes will continue looking like he’s been doing crack and perhaps his triple scissor, L-turn, dummy-to-self, backheel will finally be feared by the world. Gooch’s beard will reach his torso, causing him to become one of the most intimidating defenders of his generation (hopefully he’ll be getting a salary from AC Milan by then…). 

 As for the youngins… Michael Bradley will complete the metamorphosis into Bob Bradley and become the leader of the team. Charlie Davies will be having 20 goal seasons. Jozy Altidore will reach his potential. Stuart Holden will be unleashed. Freddy Adu will arise from the dead. Jonathan Spector will no longer be retarded. 

As for everyone else… Sunil Gulati will be getting ready for the 2022 World Cup. Claudio Reyna will coach the USMNT. Ike Opara will be standing strong in the back with his African brother Gooch. And the MLS will be a very good league. Keep your heads held high America. The future is ahead of us.

This article was inspired by Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign. Haha.


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