Soccer Spiel #1 – 06/28/10 (1st ever!)

The Wanker

The Wanker

So like you may have read on the “About”, part of the purpose of this blog is for me to outlet my thoughts and opinions that I have gathered throughout the course of the day…And I’m pretty much gonna go on until I exhaust all of the thoughts that have accumulated in my head. So now I present to you, my 1st ever “Soccer Spiel.” Here I go…

#1 – First 2010 World Cup rest day and it reminded me that the tournament is more than halfway done. I began to remember how it feels like to wake up during the summer and NOT be able to watch soccer. On the flipside, there’s still a lot of soccer left to play and the most excting games are yet to come. The show maybe over for us Americans (and never even began for us Russians…) but I sure can’t wait to see Germany-Argentina this weekend.

#2 – Cristiano Ronaldo. Went from the world’s “best player” to garbage in the span of a year. Didn’t do crap during his stint at the World Cup and has a piss-poor attitude. His most notable moment this tournament was his last, as he walked off the field at Green Point Stadium only to spit at the camera. Whether it was on purpose or not is a slight debate, but I’m almost certain he meant it. This guy’s World Cup is up there with Raymond Domenech as one of the biggest disappointments/debacles of this 2010 edition.

#3 – Clint Dempsey and Jozy Altidore have been linked with Diego Maradona’s old nest, Napoli. Personally I think it would be interesting to see how Clint would perform there, but frankly, I think he should stay where he is. I’m not sure how he’ll adapt in another country. Jozy’s case is interesting as well as he’s finally blossoming into the player that we all wish him to become. Italy is also a crapshoot for him but at least the size of the club is just right: very few superstars but plenty of good players. Basically, I think he should do well in Napoli but in the back of my mind I was hoping he’d stay with Villareal (and hopefully doing well there too, but the Spanish route may be a tougher task). Hopefully both of them will get other offers from more clubs within the next month.

#4 – Landon Donovan and Bob Bradley were in NYC today and I freakin missed them! They were on Good Morning America, Live with Regis & Kelly, David Letterman, and the Daily Show and damnit, I could’ve made it to at least one of those places today to try and sneak an autograph, but the news got to me too late. Agh, whatever…next time. If you didn’t catch the Daily Show tonight, the epsiode should be up here later today. It was histerical.

#5 – FIFA acknowledged the mistakes that have been made throughout this World Cup and now maybe, just maybe, those idiots in Zurich will look into reforming the sport and eliminate the controversy from officiating.

#6 – NY Red Bulls – 0  Harrisburg City Islanders -1 AET. Enough said.

#7 – On a side note, I think this is hilarious. Props to another clueless Russian oligarch that’s going to redefine business and sports marketing in his (sry ladies, haven’t been any women to do it yet) particular sport.

Finished. Now subscribe to my blog! (First 3 days have drawn a bunch of people. this is great).


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