Mini-Spiel – 07/06/10

Introducing for the first time, the “Mini-Spiel”. Basically a Mini-Spiel is the same thing as a “Spiel” except with fewer points. Mini-Spiels are meant for days for which I have little to say, or when there is little going on in the soccer world, or for both. Or also for when I accidentally not save my post and everything gets deleted (such was the case today, so unfortunately, you’ll be getting a mini-mini-spiel haha).

#1 – Netherlands v. Uruguay. Well-played, solid game. Uruguay played its best soccer between the time of the Netherlands’ first goal and Forlan’s goal. And how about that first Netherlands’ goal? An absolute pinpoint laser from Gio van Bronckhorst and definite goal-of-the-tournament candidate. Forlan’s goal wasn’t too shabby either but I had a problem with analysts blaming Stekelenburg for the goal. Stekelenburg probably would have saved it had he not fell victim to the unpredictable motion of the Jabulani as many already have. The next goal was also a bit iffy as a) it may have been offside, and b) Robin van Persie may have been active. But from the referee’s perspective, a) the offisde was pretty tight, and b) van Persie may have “attempted” to not interfere with the play. In my books, probably not a goal and I expected a little better from the Turkic crew that’s been nearly perfect this WC. The game had an exciting finish and Marc von Bommel FINALLY got his first yellow card of the tourney. Final score: Netherlands 3, Uruguay 2.

Lasting impessions: 1) Gio van Bronckhorst’s golazo. 2) We’re going to have an all-European final this Sunday and for the first time in WC history, a European team will win the WC outside of Europe.

#2 – Germany-Spain. Should be great. I’m excited.

#3 – Looking forward to later this week… I’ll be discussing the best players of this tournament, along with the best goals, the best moments, and a few other reflections/analyses. I’ll also take a look back on USA’s performance this World Cup and its significance (if any). I can’t believe it’s almost over. Enjoy every last minute.


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