Spiel #3 – 07/07/10

The Entertainers

The Entertainers

#1 – Spain v. Germany. The magic of the German youth (hehe) has finally ran out. We all saw the game so I won’t micro-analyze everything that happened. Instead I want to focus on something else.

I was so impressed with Germany throughout this tourney that I really thought they’ll go ahead and win it all. But something seemed to not click against the Spanish. Perhaps it was the fact that Spain is just pretty damn good? Perhaps even the best in the world… But for whatever reason I found it difficult in calling them the best up until now, even though they’re a team loaded with stars, a team that 2 years ago won the Euro, a team that plays attractive soccer, and a team that is now a game away from proving that they are in fact the best. Obviously we’re going to have to wait until Sunday to see who the best actually is, but no matter what happens, Spain has won me over as the world’s #1 (at least in terms of just simply playing the game). I think the reason why I, along with a few others, was inclined to pick teams like Brazil and Argentina over Spain before this tournament began, was because the Spanish lack “power”. And I still think that is true, but “power” is not everything. Spain breaks the formula for modern day domination as they don’t outpower teams but instead beat them purely with skill. And in era in which physicality and tactics seem to prevail over everything else, the Spanish have flipped that theory on its head and have shown that skill and talent still stand for something. Bravo Espana. Final score: Spain 1, Germany 0.

Lasting impressions: 1) Germany just was not the same today; look out for them next World Cup. 2) Either Spain or the Netherlands will win the World Cup for the first time. I don’t really care that much who wins, but despite my romance with Spain, I’ll be rooting for the Dutch.

#2 – If you haven’t heard about this, check it out. Amazing. In a nutshell, some magical octopus has predicted every result of Germany’s games this World Cup correctly. Even today’s! In fact, in his time as being a psychic, Paul the Octopus has only predicted one match incorrectly and that was the final of Euro 2008 in which he dibbed Germany over Spain.

#3 – Thierry Henry is expected to join the NY Red Bulls on July 14th… Or so they say.

#4 – This freaking beach ball almost killed the World Cup. Instead now we’re getting absolute blasts from outside the box which are pretty fun to watch. As for Spain and Netherlands this weekend, you’re better off pulling your goalie and playing with an empty net.

#5 – Iniesta > Xavi. Period.

#6 – Bradley is linked with England and so is Donovan.

Who will stay?

Who will go?

Let’s hear your opinions,

down below…


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