Total World Cup Recap: Goals, Moments, Controversy

The Best

Throw away the vuvuzelas, it’s all over. We can forget about soccer for another four years… (yeah, you better not think like that). What initially began as what I thought was going to be one of the worst tournaments of all time, ended up turning out to be pretty entertaining. And with an exception of a few security breaches, South Africa did a pretty okay job at organizing Africa’s first World Cup. Oh and by the way congrats Spain. If the 2006 WC saw a rather undeserved champion win, then the 2010 WC was the exact opposite. As for the Dutch, third time’s not the charm and you’re pretty much jinxed. I am a little saddened that they didn’t win but that’s just how it is and Spain deserved it. So for those of you that were hiding underneath a rock the past month I put together pretty much everything you need to know about the 2010 World Cup in a few “top 10 lists” below. It took a little thought and I may have missed something.

My Bext XI:

David Villa, Diego Forlan

Wesley Sneijer, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Andres Iniesta, Arjen Robben

Patrick Lahm, Carles Puyol, Arne Friedrich, Sergio Ramos

Iker Casillas


Asamoah Gyan, Lionel Messi

Xavi Hernandez, Thomas Muller, Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Landon Donovan, Keisuke Honda

Maicon, Fabio Coentrao

Maarten Stekelenburg, Eduardo

Honorable Mentions: Mark van Bommel, Miroslav Klose, Robert Vittek, Carlos Tevez, Robinho, Luis Suarez, Richard Kingson, Dirk Kuyt, Diego Lugano, Joris Mathijsen, Michael Bradley

Shout-outs to: Ryan Nelson, Mark Paston, Alex Song, Dennis Rommedahl, Samir Handanovic

My player of the tournament: David Villa

Close choice between David Villa and Diego Forlan. Andres Iniesta was also in the mix and had Schweinsteiger’s fortunes played him a little better, he’d be a strong candidate as well.

My young player of the tournament: Thomas Muller

Tough not to give it to him when he was the tournament’s leading goal scorer at the age of 20. Others in contention were Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, and Javier Hernandez. And to a much lesser extent, Vladimir Weiss and Jozy Altidore.

Top 10 Goals:

#10 – Heinze v. Nigeria (try heading the ball like that in the upper corner off a corner kick)

#9 – Maicon v. North Korea (he meant to do it…)

#8 – Villa v. Honduras (class)

#7 – Forlan v. Ghana

#6 – Suarez v. South Korea

#5 – Ozil v. Ghana

#4 – Honda v. Denmark

#3 – Quagliarella v. Slovakia

#2 – Tevez (#2)  v. Mexico


Top 10 moments:

#10 – Asamoah Gyan’s game winning penalty against Serbia

#9 – Swiss game winning goal against Spain

#8 – Robert Green’s blunder

#7 – Yakubu’s miss against South Korea

#6 – Tshabalala’s opening goal of the tournament

#5 – Last minute New Zealand goal against Slovakia

#4 – Bradley’s tying goal against Slovenia

#3 – Skrtel’s goal line save against Italy

#2 – Donovan’s goal against Algeria


Top 10 controversies:

#10 – Kaka’s red card against Ivory Coast

#9 – English fan’s security breach into English locker room after the USA game

#8 – Tevez offside goal against Mexico

#7 – English “no-goal” against Germany

#6 – Bavaria Beer’s Dutch girls marketing stunt

#5 – Nicolas Anelka sent home, France not training

#4 – Disallowed USA goal against Slovenia + Koman Coulibaly

#3 – Suarez handball

#2 – The vuvuzelas


Top 10 games:

#10 – Cameroon v. Denmark

#9 – Mexico v. South Africa

#8 – Portugal v. North Korea

#7 – Australia v. Serbia

#6 – Paraguay v. Spain

#5 – Uruguay v. Netherlands

#4 – Uruguay v. Germany

#3 – Uruguay v. Ghana

#2 – USA v. Slovenia


Other shout-outs: Paul the Octopus (7-0!), Dutch fans that drove to South Africa, New Zealand (undefeated = better than Spain?), and Bianca!

Sometimes I’m amazed as to how I get so caught up in doing this… But I guess I can afford to do this every 4 years. Anyways…

There you have it. The 2010 World Cup as I saw it.



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4 responses to “Total World Cup Recap: Goals, Moments, Controversy

  1. Jon

    Buncha random thoughts for ya vlad:

    spain was deserving champ, but it hurts to see a team win w/ only 8 goals in 7 games

    other than his final goal, iniesta didnt do a lot for me, thought xavi was better.

    what the hell did alex song do?

    i just flatout dont get how the ball moved like that on forlans goal against ghana

    honda’s setup on the 3rd goal against denmark was sexy and demands recognition

    forlans goal against germany was top 5 for me

    thought paraguay spain was alrite but not great

    how could you not mention larissa riquelme???

    sweet blog, you should keep it goin for the club season

  2. Ah great point about larissa riquelme. Definitely deserved a shout-out (if not more… haha). The goal that Honda set up was pretty damn nice but I had to make room for a few others unfortunately. And although Heinze’s might be my most “controversial” on my list, I just remember jumping up when I saw it live so I kept it. As far as Alex Song…you’re right. He didn’t do much. In fact he only played two games. And I wasn’t by any means an Alex Song fan before this WC. But in those two games, literally every attack went through him and he gave Cameroon some hope. I really just enjoyed watching him. With that said, they made a huge mistake not starting him for the 1st match. By the way, I’m totally biased towards Iniesta. Iniesta or Xavi…just personal choice I guess.

  3. One brilliant moment that I left off was Gabriel Heinze hitting his head on the camera after celebrating a goal.

  4. chris

    Seconded on the blog. Keep it up. During/after the final, it felt shameful to be a Netherlands fan. They played dirty and deserved to lose. I still can’t help but love the dutch team, and feel cheated by the game. Sad, I know. Hopefully they’ll stop this 4-2-3-1 nonsense (that wins) and go back to the o-so-lovable 4-3-3 that I gush over while watching.

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