Spiel #4 – 07/14/10 (World Cup Withdrawal…)

The Hard Part

The Hard Part

World Cup withdrawal. What do we do to try and cure it? For most of us, it may have already gone away. But for those of you that still catch yourself tuning into ESPN to watch soccer in the morning, I have came up with a few ideas (by the way, I hope you’re not this bad):

– We’ve reached the post-World Cup part of summer which means that there’s minimal live soccer going on… But you’re in luck because the MLS is well under way. That’s right, the first tier of American soccer. Seriously, give it a shot. Many people go by the popular misconception that the MLS “sucks”. And I couldn’t disagree more. Just because the MLS isn’t the best in the world, doesn’t mean it sucks. The quality is rapidly improving and the league has its own fair share of stars (Donovan, J.P. Angel, Beckham, Ljunberg, etc.).

– Relive the World Cup. Watch the highlights of the best goals, best moments, etc. Watch highlights of games… heck, if you really want you can watch your favorite games again from start to finish (…USA vs. Slovenia, USA vs. Algeria). They’re all still available on ESPN 3.

– If you’re a more sophisticated fan of the sport, try enjoying a nice summer read about soccer. There are a bunch of books out there that are a quick read and are pretty damn interesting (even if you don’t know too much about the game). How Soccer Explains the World: An Unlikely Theory of Globalization and The Beckham Experiment are good candidates for sum good ole’ summer reading. Especially the former — gives you a nice historic foundation of soccer and teaches you some things about the world’s game that may just shock you.

– Play some pick-up footy or just glue yourself to your TV and play some FIFA 10.

– If you’ve done all of that, then you probably like the game a little too much (I for one am probably reaching that point…). But the best you can do now is to just go out an enjoy the rest of your summer. C’mon! I blame the World Cup for almost making us forget what summer is really about. Stuff like… spending time with your home-dawgs; spending time with your fam fam; going to concerts; hitting up the beach, and getting your bronze on; not calling in sick to watch soccer and going to work to make sum dough; or whatever else all you folks do in your free time.

But even after reading this post you’re still too addicted to the beautiful game, I’ll make sure to provide y’all addicts a good dosage of soccer throughout the rest of summer. Good luck and feel free to e-mail me your concerns (ahem, just added a “Contact” page on the top portion of my site. It’s there for a reason!


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