Spiel #5 – 07/18/10

The Deadly Unibrow

The Deadly Unibrow

#1 – Chicago Fire signed Nery Castillo as their designated player. This guy lit up the Gold Cup and Copa America in 2007 with Mexico, but really fell off the map since. Some dumbass Chicago fans really thought it was going to be Ronaldinho after this news story. Personally, I don’t think Ronaldinho will be coming this summer. And I think Checketts is just screwing with people. He probably thought Nery Castillo was Brazilian and got LA confused with Chicago…

#2 – There are a TON of international club friendlies in the US this summer. If you get the chance, go to one…at least. Tickets aren’t overpriced. And although many teams will be resting their World Cup stars, these clubs are still packed with world class talent. Here’s a list of all of them. See if any of them are in your area.

#3 – For anyone that lives in the NY metro area, Tottenham Hotspurs will be doing a team signing in Manhattan this Friday. For more info, click here. And yes, I will be in attendance if you want to meet up.

#4 – I caught a glimpse of a US women’s u-20 World Cup match the other day (yeah, I really just stumbled upon it) … and #9, Kristine Mewis, is an absolute babe. Not to mention she scored a pretty nice goal (that the refs got right in this tournament…).

#5 – Columbus Crew 2, NY Red Bulls 0. I pity anyone that watched this game and is a Red Bull fan.


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