The High Tech Male Sports Bra

If you have attended any summer club friendlies so far in North America, you may have spotted something a bit peculiar that players wear underneath their jerseys. I first noticed it last Thursday after the NY Red Bulls-Tottenham game when Jermaine Jenas took off his jersey after the final whistle. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes — Jermy was in fact wearing a sports bra? I kind of brushed it off and forgot about it…

Then Sunday came along and I see Robbie Keane wearing the same thing after the Sporting game. And when I caught the end of the Manchester United-Kansas City Wizards game, the entire ManU team was wearing these bras after the game! So after doing some research, here’s what the “bra” actually is…

The vests are made by GPSports, an Australian company that is attempting to revolutionize sports training by using GPS technology. The purpose of the vests is to really just track where the players are at all times on the field by using a small GPS device that is located on the back of the vest, underneath the neck. The data is then stored in a software program that then calculates almost every little interesting thing about how you performed. Specifically it focuses on monitoring training intensity and things like heart rate and recovery time, but GPSports has said that they would like for it to also be able to monitor pH and glucose levels in the future. Many of the biggest teams in Europe put in orders for the hot, yet pricey new line item for their upcoming seasons.

So there you are. The biggest mystery in sport equipment since Kerri Walsh’s black back tattoo has been solved. But I don’t care how cool the vests are, they still look like sports bras.



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2 responses to “The High Tech Male Sports Bra

  1. arrowpt28 M

    If soccer players insist on playing like girls, ie falling down at the slightest touch, let them look like girls.

  2. vmk

    why do men need to wear sports bras, put a gps tracker on your cleat!

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